Quick Extender Pro Reviews & Results – #1 Penis Extender in 2021

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In this review we take on the line of penis extenders from Quick Extender Pro, a long time leader in the market. We’ll determine whether their product lives up to its name, what benefits and drawbacks it offers for your needs, and how it actually performed on our staff’s test subjects.

You may be wondering: “what is a penis extender?”

Even though the name is pretty explanatory, the devil is in the details. Penis extenders are among the many methods out there offering to help men address a problem with their sexual endowment.

However, unlike most other products and techniques, penis extender devices are actually known and proven to work for the vast majority of men seeking to gain size.

They aren’t an immediate miracle cure, as growth requires usage over time, but they’re as close as you can get, and unlike temporary, visual-only enhancements like pumps, extenders’ results are permanent.

Penis extenders use the principle of traction to actually pull the penis to a longer and fuller state. They trace their origins to the medical field, with their first versions being used to aid recovery and rehabilitation after necessary surgeries to the male organ.

Now there is a competitive field of companies that have adapted the product for the purposes of pure growth and curvature correction, and among those companies Quick Extender Pro consistently ranks at the top.

We’ll go over how these devices actually work, what benefits you can expect from them, a bit about the particular features and advantages of the Quick Extender Pro models in particular, the company’s reputation and character, and other perks and considerations relevant to your decision making.

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How Quick Extender Pro Works? The Science

Penis extenders have a long and trusted history tracing back to the medical field. The premise was to fix a brace around the shaft and keep it extended while incisions from necessary surgeries could heal, with the goal being to minimize any shrinkage or tightening of the sensitive tissue while recovery was taking place.

It was soon realized that the device could be adapted to an alternate and widely desirable purpose: to provoke growth unrelated to surgery or injury.

How quick extender pro works

It is well-known that having more size in the bed can be a great advantage to a man, and unfortunately the opposite circumstance – of lacking a certain amount of size – is equally disadvantageous.

So what man wouldn’t want to have more size if it was available? For this reason, an industry grew up around the surgical recovery penile traction device, and over decades we now have a range of products that offer the solution to whatever shortcoming you may have inherited from nature.

Modern penis extenders offer two main benefits:

Benefit 1.Growth

Benefit 2. Curvature correction.

Most men will be seeking the growth aspect, but we will cover curvature correction in this article for those to whom that need applies.

So how does a penis extender incite growth?

There is a scientific process in biology called mitosis. This is essentially cell division. What a penis extender does is fasten the head of the penis at the end of a brace that is fixed against the pelvis, and with gentle pressure this device exerts consistent tension, slowly pulling the length of the shaft away from the body. While this tension is in place, there is an acceleration of the mitosis that is always naturally occurring to cycle new cells into the body’s tissue. Basically, as the penis is being pulled, more mitosis is taking place, hence more tissue is being created, hence over time the size of the member gets larger – and growth takes place lengthwise AND in girth.

For curvature correction, the same process is responsible for the desired results. Many curves are caused by hardened “plaques” on one size of the penis shaft, causing an erection to be pulled in one direction – often painfully – as the rest of the tissue is filled. The consistent tension of the penis extender helps to stimulate mitosis in and around these plaques, resulting in normal tissue taking over and a straightening of the erection, along with growth, over time.

For reasons that will be stated, Quick Extender Pro has some serious advantages over its competitors to quicken and amplify all these processes.

You may be wondering: is this safe?

The concept of having a device on your most-sensitive area for some hours throughout the week would cause anyone to want assurances. For this we can again point out that the history of this method goes back to medical application, and to this day the best penile traction extender devices are made with the finest medical-grade materials.

Not only are the materials medical-grade in the Quick Extender Pro, but they are also advanced lightweight, strength-reinforced, and hypoallergenic. So not only will you not have to worry about anything breaking, but wearing the device will be casual and light, and any allergies you may have to certain materials won’t be an issue.


Getting into the details of the Quick Extender Pro, we can start out with their main competitive advantage: comfort.

The needs of a penis extender user start and end with comfort. It will be a miserable experience to wear a device for any amount of time that is not designed for maximum comfort. And the more comfortable a device is, the longer a user can wear it uninterrupted.

So how does the Quick Extender Pro achieve its comfort superiority over the other devices available?

It’s one of many major innovations that Quick Extender Pro has contributed to the industry in their decade-plus climb to the top: the Double Strap Support System (DSS).

By pairing two sets of high-grade silicon straps running through soft foam insulated padding, the head – or glans – of the penis is gently secured to the platform at the end of the device so when the device is extended there is no restriction of blood flow, no tightness or uncomfortable pinching or squeezing.

This total prevention of constriction, achieved by distributing the pressure on the glans with two straps instead of one, allows for far longer wearing periods, and the more hours per day you can use a penis extender, the faster you will see results.

If you want to wear it throughout the day around the house, no problem. If you have a low-intensity office job, you can even gain inches while on the clock at work. It can be worn in traffic, waiting in line at the bank, at the grocery store, cooking, or any other activity where you are not engaged in strenuous physical activity.

Most complaints by users of penis extender devices are related to comfort. Pinching, bruising, blood flow constriction, even the dangerous scenario of the top of the penis going numb, are often reported as the downsides to using penis extenders from other companies.

The Quick Extender Pro, however, rarely if ever elicits these comments. The consistent, firm, but gentle tugging along the penis shaft is done with such finesse due to the Quick Extender Pro’s state-of-the-art design and DSS system that it is often easy to forget one is wearing anything at all.

The Results

So Quick Extender Pro literally guarantees results – it’s in their product description. We’ll revisit this near the end of the article, but suffice to say that a company willing to give your money back if their product doesn’t work is packing a ton of confidence.

So what results can you expect?

Well, the differences among individuals cause a bit of variation; everything from body chemistry, metabolism, current physical fitness, and other genetic factors can all affect how fast and how much growth you will attain… proper usage and following instructions also play a role!

Typically Quick Extender Pro customers experience anywhere from 1-3 inches of growth within the first 6-18 months.

Many see results starting to show themselves after as little as 2 weeks. For others, their body is more resistant to growth, but often these individuals find that the same overall growth will accumulate if they simply use the device consistently over longer periods of up to 18-36 months.

In any case, one thing that is true across the board: the results are PERMANENT. Have you gained 2 inches over 18 months and you’re satisfied and want to discontinue use? You can put your device on a trophy shelf and walk around proudly with your new size.

Quick Extender Pro delivers results that are consistently more rapid and more extensive than any other brand. This has been established by innumerable trials and testimonials.

Our staff actually put the product to the test over the last 4 months leading up to this publication, and the results created some extremely pleased writers, editors, and spouses.

Gains within 18 weeks were as follows:

A +1.1” length, +0.8” width;

B +0.5” length, +0.6” width;

C +0.7” length, +0.9” width;

D +0.9” length, +0.6” width.

That’s around an inch gained on average in less than half a year.

Whether you’re already well-endowed and simply want to add more size and intensity to your love life, or if you are in desperate need of a boost to get your confidence in place, you’ll be glad you pulled the trigger on a Quick Extender Pro purchase.

In addition to size, most of our staffers found some added benefits of the routine, in addition to the size increases. Erections during sex actually became stronger and more durable than before!

As if maintaining stronger, longer erections wasn’t enough of a surprise, ejaculations and climax were higher in volume and explosiveness. And one of our staffers even reported an unexpected improvement in his difficulty containing premature ejaculations.

We speculate that due to the Quick Extender Pro’s stimulation of blood flow to the penis over weeks of usage, not only did the tissue growth take place, but the acceleration of growth resulted in a surge of healthy nutrients to that part of the anatomy and perceivably increased the efficiency of circulation necessary for optimal sexual performance.

Pricing, Models

One of the things that puts Quick Extender Pro ahead is their value. Being the premier extender company, offering the best results, would entitle them to charge a premium, however they are actually one of the more affordable brands. And they offer a variety of packages to accommodate whatever budget you’re working with.

Deluxe Standard Edition

Starting with the most popular, Deluxe Standard Edition, you’ll get plenty of components to start and maintain a growth regimen, along with the perks that Quick Extender Pro throws in to assist your growing journey.

Partnering with some men’s health companies, Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Standard Edition includes free trials for sex enhancement supplements along with some dvd media to complement your sexual improvement endeavor.

Alongside the Deluxe Standard Edition, Quick Extender Pro offers a package specifically catered to men whose primary concern is straightening a curved penis. This is the Curvature Correction & Peyronies Edition.

Curvature Correction & Peyronies Edition

Peyronies is a name referring to the condition of curvature caused by plaques. Curvature Correction & Peyronies Edition contains most of the same materials and components as the Deluxe Standard Edition, and is similarly priced. With this edition, men with curves will find their needs specifically addressed and will experience accelerated straightening while also enjoying growth gains.

Value Edition

For men on a tighter budget, Quick Extender Pro offers the Value Edition. It’s a basic package with everything you need to get started on your growth path. It won’t have spare or extra parts of the more elaborate packages, and if you want to continue a growth plan past the first 9-18 months, you’ll have access to the Quick Extender Pro shop where they sell all the extension components you’ll eventually need to keep adding inches. But the Value Edition is excellent for the man who wants to get started with a minimal investment.

Deluxe Limited Edition

The Deluxe Limited Edition by Quick Extender Pro is pretty much the most extensive and comprehensive product on the market for the purpose of penis enlargement.

Stocked with over a year-and-a-half of supplies and replacement parts, extra high-quality comfort foam, the highest tension springs, premium supplement freebies, and a suite of sex health media to accompany your newfound physical improvement, there’s nothing left out of the Deluxe Limited package.

If you’ve got the money to invest in the transformation of your sex game, there’s no where better to spend it than Quick Extender Pro’s Deluxe Limited Edition.

Customer Service (Shipping, Support, Guarantee)

Quick Extender Pro has long been a forerunner of providing not only the best product, but the best customer experience philosophy.

If you want your customers to spread the word, you obviously treat them well, and Quick Extender Pro labors to provide for all your needs and concerns from the moment you land on their official website.

Concerned about discreet shipping and privacy while you take on this sensitive self-improvement project?

Quick Extender Pro has you covered. All your billing and shipping details are protected from any specific description or outward branding. You’ll get a discreet plain box with an unassuming label, delivered securely, with tracking number and delivery time according to your specifications.

Have any questions as you get the product out of box?

Quick Extender Pro’s excellent customer support has your back whenever you need it, for assembly, troubleshooting, wearing guides, and other instructional or usage questions.

Lastly, the guarantee is what really sells Quick Extender Pro to most skeptics. If you’re unsure about making a purchase to get seemingly unattainable gains, if you can only be convinced by seeing it happen yourself, and you need the safety of a risk-free deal, then Quick Extender Pro’s money-back guarantee is the final piece of the puzzle.

They’re so sure, from years and years of serving satisfied customers, years of consistently improving and innovating on their product, that they’re willing to send you a package and let you try it for a few months before giving you the opportunity to send it back for a refund.

So if you’ve tried everything else, or even experienced some dishonest schemes related to penis enlargement, and feel like you’ve wasted time and money, Quick Extender Pro is offering a guaranteed, risk-free solution that you won’t need to think twice about. It either works for you or you lose nothing.


So we’ve gone over the many benefits of Quick Extender Pro. As penis extenders are rooted in medical history, they are established as a working solution for men suffering with a size-related performance deficit.

And as the major innovator and top seller in the industry, Quick Extender Pro moves its weight around to cover all the bases, not just the best product at a competitive price – but the intangibles, the bonus supplements and better sex tips videos, the attentive customer support.

And Quick Extender Pro presents a product that our staff can attest not only delivers results, but starts delivering them earlier than any other product available, delivers them permanently, and with virtually no footprint or discomfort throughout the growing process.

As if that wasn’t enough, growth is only the primary benefit – all our staff members reported side-benefits along the lines of those written in the many other testimonials from Quick Extender Pro users across the internet. You gain length and girth, and on top of that stronger erections that last longer and result in greater climax experiences.

We recommend this product as a Top Purchase, and give it our highest rating, Editor’s Choice.