Provacyl Review 2020: The Andropause Antidote

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Provacyl Review

As men age, they gradually begin to lose some of their youthful vigor, libido, stamina and that physique that characterizes their teenage years, as well as their twenties. These changes are summed up into what is called andropause. This is the male equivalent of menopause in women. Like menopause, andropause results from an age-related decline in the levels of certain hormones in the body, especially growth hormone, testosterone and DHEA. Provacyl is a supplement which gives you power to halt this process or potentially reverse it.

Provacyl is an all-natural effective hgh supplement which is formulated to boost your body’s production and release of human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone and DHEA. These hormones have been shown to be key in carrying out many functions in the body which are essential for maintaining the male secondary sexual characteristics, energy levels, muscle bulk, libido, stamina and sex drive among others. Studies have shown that these vital hormones fall by a rate of about 10% every decade, with far-reaching consequences on the mental and physical well-being of men.

Here are some of the functions which HGH, testosterone and DHEA carryout in the body.

  • Maintenance of libido and sex drive
  • Responsible for strength and stamina
  • Important for building muscle bulk and maintaining muscle tone
  • Plays a role in calcium metabolism, ensuring strong bones and teeth
  • Helps in protein synthesis, especially collagen, which keeps your skin looking young, wrinkle-free and rejuvenated
  • Aids in the faster oxidation or burning up of body fat
  • Plays a role in body fluid maintenance

It is very clear from the foregoing the importance of DHEA, HGH and testosterone. When their levels drop, you face many consequences which include:

  • A lowered sex drive and libido
  • Decreased stamina and energy levels
  • Challenges maintaining physical fitness
  • Wrinkling of the skin
  • Poor memory and mental well-being
  • Faster weight gain and fat accumulation in the body.

Interestingly, Provacyl, made by Leading Health Marketing is carefully made from a selection of natural ingredients which help your body boost the production of HGH, testosterone and DHEA. This keeps them at optimal levels that enable you continue to enjoy the benefits of youth even as the years go by. Unlike other supplements on the market which are high on promises but low on results, Provacyl has been tried and tested and shown to deliver results in a relatively short period of time. It’s unique, safe and natural ingredients selection, as well as the manufacturing process helps guarantee results.

The provacyl advantage

  • Increased production and release of HGH and testosterone by the body
  • Boosted energy levels and faster recovery times and increased stamina
  • Increased build-up of lean muscle mass
  • Enhanced libido and sexual drive
  • Faster fat oxidation with decreased body fat storage
  • Enjoy longer lasting and harder erections
  • Increased feeling of well-being
  • Better mental focus and boost in your mood
  • Andropause reversal


To further explain the effectiveness of Provacyl in boosting growth hormone and testosterone levels, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients which make it tick.


This is a natural mineral supplement made up of zinc, Magnesium and vitamin B6. Zinc helps boost the immune system, as well as optimal functioning of your body’s muscles. Magnesium is important in supporting different metabolic processes in the body, and plays a role in muscle health. Vitamin B6 helps in boosting energy levels in your body. The combination helps boost muscle strength, increase stamina and recovery.


This is an amino acid that is required by the body for a variety of functions. It helps in the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts to cause relaxation of blood vessels and thus, increases blood flow to different body tissues. This helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body tissues. In addition, it enhances body metabolism, and also helps in fat oxidation.

Gingko biloba:

Also called maidenhair, its extract serves a variety of purposes in the body, including serving as a powerful antioxidant, help in fighting inflammation, improving circulation and cardiovascular health, helps with memory, improves brain function and well-being, helps in reduction of anxiety among others

Magnesium aspartate:

This is a vital mineral that plays many essential roles in body metabolism. Magnesium aspartate helps the body to utilize other nutrients. It is an essential component of the structure of bones with a role in mineralisation. It also supports the function of the heart and blood vessels. All these contribute to healthy and improved well-being.

Swedish flower pollen:

This extract is sourced from the mixture of pollen from flowering plants. This extract has been proven to be beneficial for the prostate ( a gland in men which produces part of the seminal fluid). It also helps in promoting normal urine flow, as well as possesses antioxidant properties.

Muira Pauma:

Long used in Brazilian folk medicine as an aphrodisiac, the extract from this tree has been shown to help with conditions such as poor libido, erectile dysfunction and stress. This gives your body the desired sexual vigor and boost with less stress.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is important in the absorption and metabolism of calcium. Adequate amounts of vitamin D are required for healthy bones and strong teeth. It also helps your body fight osteoporosis which may lead to bones that are easily liable or prone to fracture.


This amino acid serves as a precursor for many important hormones in the body, such as, adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine. These are important in helping your body respond to stressful situations.

Korean Panax Ginseng:

Used for long in traditional Middle Eastern Medicine, it serves a variety of roles including acting as an antioxidant, helping to reduce inflammation, improves erectile dysfunction, boosts the immune system, helps in brain function, and elevation of mood, boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue.

These and many other ingredients combine well to make Provacyl the potent HGH and testosterone booster it has proven to be.

What makes Provacyl unique?

Provacyl’s blend of natural ingredients work to boost your body’s natural release of HGH, testosterone and DHEA within a short time. This helps you not only fight the effects of aging, but also rejuvenates you, leaving you with youthful confidence. It also restores you to the man you used to be in your teens and twenties.


Provacyl comes in pills which the manufacturer recommends to be taken twice a day. This can easily fit into your normal diet routine. It should be noted that results are not instantaneous, as it may take a relatively short time before they begin to kick in.

Where can Provacyl be purchased?

Provacyl can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website where they have a mouthwatering 67 day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are less than 100% satisfied with the product; that’s quite a lot of confidence. In addition, there are other amazing discounts, and the assurance of getting genuine products delivered to you.