The Top 5 Medical Alert Systems to protect yourself and your family

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Medical alert systems have become an important device in the healthcare system. They can especially protect the elderly during emergencies and help caregivers and loved ones be at peace. Studies reported that people who used these alert systems were able to maintain their independence no matter their health conditions.

These emergency systems have multiple uses, being fall detection one of the most common. Nevertheless, this product can provide assistance during emergencies such as heart attacks, low blood sugar, or stroke. They also can be triggered if there’s a fire or a dangerous situation inside the house. Furthermore, these medical alert systems can help you with day to day activities, like if you fall or hurt yourself.

What is a Medical Alert System?

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The medical alert system allows you to request immediate medical help with the push of a button. Even further, in the event of a fall, the system can automatically ask for assistance. This capacity to give automated and immediate medical assistance can benefit elderly patients the most. In the end, this will make relatives feel more at ease and give patients more independence. 

Nowadays, technological devices provide some alternatives for the elderly. However, they may need to contact their neighbors or relatives in an emergency, and using the professionally monitored system still has its advantages. These systems link directly operators or emergency contacts, and advanced features such as GPS tracking.

Many companies around the world offer these medical alert systems, and it’s important to compare and identify the best product for you.

How to Choose the best Medical Alert System for you?

When choosing a medical alert system, there are numerous things to consider, being the coverage and the range of protection the most important.  The best home system must cover the entire house and yard. The mobile system can provide protection anytime, anywhere. These systems combine mobile phone services and GPS to create a link between emergency dispatchers and the users. Both mobile and home systems have special features to consider, like the type of coverage and the usability in your environment. Evaluating all these features can help you determine which Medical alert system is the best for you:

  • Having a landline system is one of the ideal options as it only needs to connect to any existing phone line using a standard telephone jack.
  • Mobile systems are very suitable for mobile use as well as homes that don’t have a landline. The SIM card comes with the package meaning there’s no extra fee. However, the average rates tend to be higher.
  • You can combine these systems using separate home and mobile devices to provide complete protection all day. They’re also suitable for sharing with your partner.
  • To make sure you choose the best system you need and ensure that you pick the right medical alert system, you must consider: Battery Life, Audio Quality, Service Plans and prices

Here’s a list of the best Medical Alert Systems in the market and the characteristics that make them stand out: 

1. MobileHelp

MobileHelp is an industry leader in the Medical Alert System. It has up to six different options with different features and accessories. Although the offer of high quality services for low prices was an important feature in Mobile Help, with the launch of MDLIVE, MobileHelp has recently made their products more appealing. MDLIVE is a telemedicine service that works on demand. It allows MobileHelp users to have a meeting with board-certified doctors on the phone or by video without having to schedule appointments or making extra payments. All MobileHelp users can receive the MDLIVE benefits on their service paying a fee for less than $10 per month.

Many users give MobileHelp a perfect score, placing it at the top of the medical alert companies in the market. MobileHelp has demonstrated to be efficient as a home system and mobile system and was found completely reliable in comparison to other products. It has a really competitive price, making it the least expensive and with a great transparency to its pricing policies

Benefits of using MobileHelp

  • MobileHelp products have an approved seal for manufacturing practice made by the FDA.
  • Apart from its main seal from the FDA, MobileHelp has multiple extra quality certifications.
  • MobileHelp offers its services all over the country, despite its offices being in Florida..
  • The response services are led by Rapid Response, one of the best monitoring companies in the USA.
  • It is inclusive, as it has experts through LanguageLine that provides users with an interpreter in almost 240 languages.
  • Based on its own research, MobileHelp reports attending a call every eight minutes.

Disadvantages of using MobileHelp

Almost all users feel satisfied with the MobileHelp product service. However, there are multiple complaints about difficulties in the process to cancel the subscription. Other clients cite problems with GPS, as sometimes are not able to find the right location.

How much does MobileHelp cost?

There are multiple packages and prices when buying the MobileHelp service. Depending on the service prices can range from 19$ to 60$ a month, with extra fees for fall detection. We can choose from six different packages and decide if we want to make payments monthly, quarterly or annual payments. All of these include free shipping (except monthly payment packages). The current prices are:

  • The Classic package sells for $19.95 per month
  • The Wired Home package sells for $24.95 per month.
  • The Solo package sells for $37.95 per month                
  • The MobileHelp Duo package sells for $41.95 per month
  • The Mobile Duo package sells for $44.95 per month
  • The Touch package sells for $59.45 per month

If you’re buying for a home or mobile medical alert system, you should definitely consider using MobileHelp. It is a budget friendly package that can cover your whole family at almost no cost.

2. MediHill

MediHill is another medical alert system highly recommended in the market. Thanks to its modern use of technology it has made a complete medical assistance available with the push of a button. There are many beneficial gadgets that come with MediHill, such as monitoring based on the cloud and translation services  that are completely free.

You can choose from more than 100 languages to request assistance from MediHill. Using both its at home products and portable solutions, MediHill gives immediate response to your emergencies. It can also provide assistance when falling, and other services that can be modified to your needs.

Benefits of using MediHill

  • You receive a 24 hour assistance service that works every day and all over the US.
  • Buying the subscription to the MediHill you will receive all the equipment you need.
  • You will receive free shipping service.
  • There are no hidden fees, you will only make one payment.
  • The equipment and package can be adapted to your needs,
  • There’s a modern GPS system in the device.
  • You won’t be obligated to sign any long term contract.

Disadvantages of using MediHill

  • The annual plans of MediHill can be pricey and difficult for some users to pay.
  • If your equipment is damaged you need to pay 150$ for a replacement

How much does MediHill cost?

When buying the MediHill service, there are multiple packages to choose depending on your needs. The prices of the packages range from 24.99$ to 35$ per month. You can also acquire free shipping with your package. These are the current packages available at MediHill:

  • The In-Home package sells for $24,99 to $29.99 per month.
  • The Portable Equipment package sells for $35 per month
  • To add Fall Detection you must pay a $10 fee per month

MediHill has gained more and more popularity in the medical alert system by being a reliable source and having a quick response in case of emergencies. With his low pricing and multiple benefits, MediHill is the perfect solution if you’re looking to protect yourself and your family.

3. Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is one of the most versatile medical alert systems in the current market. It offers customers the choice of six medical alert device options. One of the most populars id the Freedom Guardian smartwatch. Even further, despite all the beneficial packaged Medical Guardian might offer, the best characteristic is their customer service. They offer assistance in all the stages where the patient is considering which device is better for them. If you are considering buying the Medical Guardian, you can access and request information through their phone or live chat 

Benefits of using Medical Guardian

There are five rules at Medical Guardian to greatly manage their business: Excellence in results, Passion for purpose, creating meaningful relationships, being innovative and, the most important, customers above all else.

  • The Medical Guardian counts with multiple certifications that validate its use.
  • They provide the best care in case of emergencies
  • They work in the majority of the USA

Disadvantages of using the Medical Guardian.

Most negative experiences from customers report that there’s dissatisfaction with the process of returning the device, as well as cancelling their subscription to the Medical Guardian. Some people report fees that go up to $50 for returning the device, plus a $15 charge for return shipping.

How much does the Medical Guardian cost?

When buying the Medical Guardian services, it is important to know that there are no equipment costs. The only time you will need to pay us when buying the smartwatch that sells for $99 as one payment. There are multiple packages you can use, and the selection will depend on your needs, so make sure you’re informed before making any decision.

Its commitment to help their customer goes to the point where apart from having a detailed website, they also have a Product Quiz. Through this test you can evaluate your needs and determine which of the devices is the best suited for you.

You can buy Medical Guardian for prices that go from $29 to $79. You can also opt for the on the go system for monitoring where the prices range from $39 to 44$. Can add the fall detection option to your package with a $10 fee per month.

If you want a device that will give you and especially your senior family members some peace of mind, the Medical Guardian is a great option. You can buy devices that are highly resistant and even have two-way communication. Thanks to the GPS and fall detection, you will be protected at all times with Medical Guardian.

4. Lifefone

Lifone is a company that has many years of experience in the medical alert systems. They have their headquarters in the USA and have been around since the 60s, so if you’re looking for experience Lifefone can be an option for you. They offer both at home and on the go protection for all the users who seek peace of mind. Lifefone offers great saving opportunities with its two for one packages for both home and on the go services. Thanks to its long lasting experience, the Lifefone has the recognition of multiple organizations, making it a contender when you look for a medical alert system.

Benefits of using the Lifefone

– Lifefone counts with the endorsement of multiple places like WebMD and even the Harvard Medical School. They report that it is a great option for elderly patients who need care.

– When buying the Lifefone you will receive a 30 day free trial for your product and package obtained.

– They have excellent customer service with a response called that average less than one minute.

– Even though they don’t have certification for their monitoring services, after years of experience Lifefone remains as one of the best medical alert systems.

– They have packages that include couples, without the need to pay for another system, making it a bargain in comparison to other devices.

Disadvantages of using the Lifefone

Even though the Lifefone is an excellent device, everything couldn’t be perfect. There have been some users complaints about the sensitivity and slow response of the device. They report drawbacks in response that would be problematic in case of emergency. Another problem reported is the lack of response and tech support on the weekends. 

How much does the Lifefone cost?

There are multiple packages and prices for the Lifefone, and to this day it is one of the cheapest medical alert systems. The prices for the Lifefone go from $24 to $39 per month. You can order multiple extra gadgets or devices to go with your Lifefone. Some of them include wall buttons, mobile apps for your phone, and a safebox. You can use the 30 days money back guarantee. If after that time you don’t feel satisfied with the results you can return the Lifefone no questions asked. This are some of the packages available for the Lifefone:

  • The At-Home Landline package sells for $24.95 per month
  • At-Home Cellular package sells for $30.95 per month
  • The At-Home and On-The-Go GPS package sells for $36.95 per month
  • The At-Home and On-The-Go GPS with Voice in Necklace package sells for $39.95 per month

Lifefone offers you long term contracts in order to help you for the longest time possible. As they simplify information for its users, making them understand health/care-related terms that normally they find difficult. If you’re married, the Lifefone packages have free monitoring for your partner, and decreased price for the automatic fall detection.

Many services often lose their competitive advantage with time, but LifeFone advantage remains, by achieving a comfortable balance between quality and value. The equipment made by Lifefone works well, and its light structure allows subscribers to save money or purchase optional upgrades, such as daily health checks, scheduled calls or medication reminders. In each area, LifeFone can provide the level of service we expect from top providers.

5. Bay Alarm Medical

Bay Alarm is a long-established security and medical alert system whose manufacturer has more than 70 years of experience. This company provides high-quality equipment and reliable service at competitive prices. This system presents as one of the leading devices for affordable care and control. It is one of the brand’s strengths to give patients the best service, at almost no cost.

The Bay Alarm Medical alert system is available as a standalone product or in premium packages. These premium packages include additional features and accessory devices for almost no added cost.

You can even find these premium packages more affordable than the standard size packages of the bay alarm. Even though you can find cheaper packages that doesn’t mean that the quality of the product diminishes. On the contrary, Bay Alarm Medical has high-quality devices that are accessible for all people.

The company has many certifications, and you can find monitoring call centers all over the USA ready to respond to any doubts you might have and control your care.

Benefits of Using the Bay Alarm Medical alert system.

  • Bay Alarm Medical has many years of experience, making it a perfect and trustworthy option in the market.
  • As it is owned by one of the top leading security agencies in the USA, you won’t have to worry about not feeling secure.
  • Bay Alarm Medical takes really to heart the objective of having the highest quality products in the market, for this it makes sure to always use the best materials and continue improving their products.
  • You can find many discounts online if you want to acquire the Bay Alarm Medical alert system. If you are a member of USAA or the AARP you are in luck and can buy this product almost at no cost.
  • Bay Alarm Medical offers a 30 free money back guarantee. Meaning that if you don’t feel satisfied with the product after this time, you can return it, no questions asked.
  • If you buy one of the Bay Alarm Medical alert systems your partner will also have free coverage,

Disadvantages of using the Bay Alarm Medical alert system

There are almost no complaints with the use of Bay Alarm Medical, as it is one of the safest products out there. The most common complaint about this product is referring to the batteries losing charge too quickly, making it impossible to be monitored the whole day. There are also complaints about the lack of clarity on the instructions of use, but more especially about the way to charge the device. Other users report that, even though she could reach the customer service line, the waiting times were too long.

How much does the Bay Alarm Medical alert system cost?

Depending on the package you choose, Bay Alarm Medical has different pricing options and offers available for you to check out. Each provides different functions, and if you sign a contract, you can choose not to pay any upfront costs. The price of the package ranges from US$19.95 to US$59.95 per month, with an additional US$10 for automatic fall detection.

  • The In-home Medical Alert package sells for $19.95 per month
  • The Mobile GPS Help package sells for $24.95 per month
  • The In-Car Medical Alert with Auto Crash Detection package sells for $29.95 per month
  • The Complete Protection Package sells for $59.95 per month

As one of the leading companies providing medical alarm systems, Bay Alarm Medical provides reliable services and has gained a good reputation. The company has a history of more than 70 years. It is a family business and is run by the family. It is the first choice for elderly relatives. In 2018, Bay Alarm Medical was selected as the “Best Medical Alarm Service Provider”. If you want protection at home and on the go, Bay Alarm Medical offers the best bundled prices in the industry. However, the company does charge a $10 surcharge for mobile phone services. Bay Alarm Medical equipment allows you to contact emergency response teams at home, on the road, and almost anywhere in the country. In addition, by cooperating with industry leaders, customers can use it with confidence.