The 4 Best HCG Drops [2021] For Weight Loss – Healthily and Naturally

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Best hcg diet drops for weight loss

To understand what the best HCG drops are for, you need to know some background.

The body produces the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone during pregnancy, in the placenta.

So, HCG is mostly female related.

Therefore, this prompts many people to ask: is HCG safe for males?

The answer is yes. Studies have shown that this hormone can help in the production of more testosterone. In that case, HCG drops are good for everyone, both males and females.

But HCG is not only used for increasing the level of testosterone production (you may also use testosterone boosters to increase your testosterone levels) in the body. It is also very useful for weight loss. In fact, today, HCG diet drops are mostly used for weight loss and management.

Will HCG help me lose belly fat? The products that we are going to review here are known for their potency at regulating your metabolism. So yes, HCG drops can help you reduce belly fat.

Since these drops reduce craving and hunger pangs, you will not eat a lot. Fewer calories in is equal to less belly fat.

Just as their name suggests, these are drops. A syringe will be provided for measuring and placing (not injecting!) the liquid under your tongue. A full kit for administering is provided.

Reviews of 4 of the best HCG Drops

The market teems with many HCG drops. Obviously, this is what happens when a supplement does what it promises.

However, at the same time, many counterfeits have come up, as is bound to happen in the somehow “unregulated” supplements industry. Therefore, looking for the genuine article can be somewhat of a hustle.

Here, we have done the groundwork for you. We bring you four tested and proven HCG drops that you can use without fear. Keep reading!

Official HCG Diet – The Best HCG Drops in 2021

Official HCG Diet

Losing weight naturally and healthily is very important. If you do not lose it healthily, it can have long lasting negative impacts. It can also come back with a vengeance once you get off the calorie-restrictive diet.

That is why you need a hormone that is produced from natural supplements to help you cut the weight. Official HCG Diet Drops is such a supplement. But just what is it? Keep reading.

Official HCG Drops Overview

First, this product has been manufactured in FDA-approved labs, from natural products by NATO Supplements Inc. This company has been in business since 2010 and over that time, they have become the one-stop center for dietary complexes.

Since this is a reveal-all review, we are not saying that it is FDA-approved. In many resources online, you will find it listed as one of the top weight loss drops.

Since this is a dietary supplement for losing weight, it comes with its dietary accompaniment. This is no surprise since many drops for weight loss come in such a complete package.

Weight loss and gain is all about calories consumed and calories used. In this case, therefore, you want to lose weight and so you must be ready to follow a diet. This is a low calorie diet. Official HCG diet drops helps users to lose their weight not only healthily, but naturally too by enhancing the way that the body works.

We might also mention that this supplement is in the form of a drop. This means that you have to take it orally.

What does Official HCG Diet Drops help with?

This drop helps with weight loss. Back in the 1950s, the pioneering doctor was injecting it into boys who were experiencing late puberty to boost their testosterone production. However, Dr. Simeons also discovered that it not only enhanced the release of testosterone but that it also helped the subjects lose weight.

Therefore, more than 50 years later, it has become the best supplement to help unlock fat naturally. However, this is not an overnight miracle worker. No natural products are!

Therefore, you have to help it along by taking a low calorie diet. Keep it to strictly 500 calories to create a deficit.

Keeping to this kind of diet and using this oral drop helps with the stubborn fat breakdown. Not all body fat is the same. The fat under the skin is considered “stubborn” probably because it takes a jolly long time to lose.

With a supplement to help with the fat breakdown, you enhance your body’s natural way of dealing with the fat.

Official HCG Drops Ingredients

  1. HCG
  2. Vitamin B-12
  3. Nat-Phos
  4. Mag-Phos

How to use Official HCG Drops

First, start with a colon cleanse before you embark on using this diet drops. You can do this about a week before you embark on using it. About 30 minutes before you take your meals, hold the drops under your tongue for a few minutes before swallowing the liquid.

The recommended dosage is 10 to 15 drops twice a day. It comes with a 43-day diet – one bottle, but you can buy more if you like.

Faster weight lossGetting used to low calorie diet can take time
Easy to use, simple plan to followYou might miss important nutrients when you take such a low calorie diet
Good quality ingredients from natural sources 
Has more benefits apart from weight loss such as good skin, gut health and so on 

Where to buy it

You can get the Official HCG Diet Drops from the official website. One bottle costs $79. You can also order 45 days official hcg diet program. It costs $99. Price per bottle reduces as you order more bottles.

Nu Image Medical

Nu image hcg drops

A list for oral HCG drops can never be complete if it does not have Nu Image Medical. You will see why in the rest of this review.

Nu Image Medical Overview

The manufacturer says that this weight loss supplement contains the purest type of the hormone HCG. It is manufactured in the Nu Image labs in Tampa, Florida. For years, this company has been making HCG from natural extracts in the form of pellets, drops and injections.

Their injections, drops and pellets are produced in world-standard, FDA-approved labs. This means that the nutrients in their products remain intact throughout the lifespan of the products.

During pregnancy, the body or rather the placenta releases the hormone HCG to encourage the body to break down fat reserves into nutrients to feed the foetus. Therefore, you can guess just how the same hormone will be effective in encouraging your body to break down fat.

Of course, the potency of a HCG hormone supplement depends on who sells it. There is no doubt that Nu Medical Image is one of the best hcg drops in the market. They serve millions of users with doctor’s prescriptions.

With Nu Medical, you can undergo a 26 or 46-day program for weight loss. You have to fill medical evaluation forms before you can get started on your HCG drops. Since this is not homeopathic HCG, you have to undergo a medical evaluation. Luckily, this happens online.

Nu Image Medical Ingredients

Any supplement is only as good as its ingredients. There is not all that elaborate information about the ingredients of this HCG drop. However, it has amino acids, vitamins, B complex and extracts from renowned fat burners.

You should also note that to use this product, you have to mix it with bacteriostatic water in a very simple process. In any case, everything that you need for the mixing, including the bacteriostatic water is shipped together with the HCG.

How to use Nu Image Medical

Whether you have ordered the 26 or 46-day program, the process of use is just about the same. The first thing to do is to mix the supplement.

The bacteriostatic water comes in a 10ml syringe while the HCG comes in a vial. Get the tip out and open the HCG vial. You can then push the 10 ml of bacteriostatic water into the vial and then cap it. Swirl the vial for some time to mix the solution thoroughly and then refrigerate.

When you are taking it, just use the syringe to pull this solution and drop it under your tongue, up to the 40ml mark. Do this once every day.  

To use this hcg drops, do not brush your teeth, drink or eat anything for at least 15 minutes before taking it. Let it stay sometime under the tongue before swallowing.

You get free recipes and ebooks when you buyAfter medical evaluation, you might not qualify to get it
Good for burning stubborn fatCostly
You tele-consult with doctor before ordering 
You stay in touch with doctor throughout the time of use 
Good for enhancing libido 

Where to buy

You can buy this hcg drops from the official website. The 26-day program costs $297 while the 46-day program costs $397. Shipping is free.

HCG Triumph

HCG triumph diet drops

Does HCG Triumph contain real HCG? This is one of the popular HCG drops in the market today. It has pure HCG, which helps with weight loss and other things as well. However, this product is not all-HCG. It is more homeopathic, which means you will not need the prescription of a doctor to get it. However, that does not make it any less effective because it contains a good quantity of pure HCG.

HCG Triumph Overview

Triu Naturals manufactures HCG Triumph. If you feel as if your metabolism has slowed down over the years, you need something that will revive it. It is for this reason that the Triumph has been made. 

Fast metabolic rate means loss of fat since most of it will be broken down to give your energy. However, you have to combine the use of this hcg drops with a good, low calorie diet to lose fat.

With years of research backing this product, it is safe. It is one of the healthy ways to lose weight, or to kick-start your body to burn fat naturally.

Something to note: There is a hormone (HCG-free) formula for people that are allergic to HCG.

HCG Triumph Ingredients

Tens of ingredients have gone to making this supplement. In addition to the HCG, they do a great job of helping your body burn fat and lose weight within the first few weeks of using it.

Here are the most popular ones of them:


This amino acid is used in products for heart health, blood circulation and for sexual health. It has been used for treating erectile dysfunction too.


The main job of this amino acid is to enhance the fat burning activity of the body. It will set the body’s metabolic rate back on track. Since you will restrict your calories, the body has to burn fat to produce energy.


This amino acid improves the mood and it helps alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also credited with memory improvement, alertness and better concentration.


This amino acid helps to power up the immune system. It can also help with the regulation of glucose in the blood as well as reduce stress and anxiety.


You experience more energy in your body. You are also going to recover from post-workout muscle soreness faster when you take a supplement containing L-Ornithine.

How to use HCG Triumph

First, this supplement is sold in three packages. The first is for people who want to lose 10 pounds in a month. The second one called HCG Triumph 26 is for those who want to lose up to 35 pounds in a month and the 3rd one (Triumph 40) is for those who aim to lose 40 pounds in a month.

To use the supplement, just put 8 to 10 drops under your tongue for a few minutes, 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything to enhance absorption. Do this three times a day.

Helps you lose weight without working outHigh price
Has ingredients that boost sexual and mental healthMay experience queasiness as you start on the low calorie diet
Free accessories such as measuring tape, eBooks, syringe and vitamin B12 
Different packages for people with different needs 
Helps burn fat for more energy 

Where to buy it

Buy on the official website. The hormone-free one costs $58 (lose 10 pounds/30 days), the HCG New Blue costs $79.20 (lose 26 pounds/30 days) while the third package (lose 40 pounds/30 days) one costs $124.20.

HCG 1234

HCG 1234 drops

Does HCG 1234 really work? When searching for information about this supplement, you will come across this question.

Have no doubt in your mind because this product works. However, there is a very small catch. For this diet drop to work, you have to do it right.

HCG 1234 Overview

This supplement is the brainchild of Creative Biosciences, which is in the USA. Therefore, you can be sure that your supplement is made and packaged in FDA- approved facilities. This dietary HCG drop is formulated to help you lose weight naturally and healthily.

This product is a blend of several ingredients. It will enhance your metabolic rate so that your body can break fat down in the day and even in the night when you are asleep. 

Like the other HCG drops that we have reviewed here, this one must be accompanied by a low calorie diet. You really need to create a calorie deficit if you want to lose weight without exercise.

It comes in packages of 1 bottle, 2-bottle pack and even 3-bottle pack.


There are many. They include the following:

L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine and L-Ornithine are some of the major ingredients. You can refer to the other segments of this post where we looked at them in detail since they do the same job.

Others that we can mention here include:

Maca Root Extract

This one has many benefits for your body. It improves erectile dysfunction, relieves stress and anxiety, and packs your body with energy so that you can be more active without eating food.

Astragalus Root Extract

It is good for regulating blood sugar and it helps with weight loss. In addition, it empowers the immune system.

Rhodiola Extract

The main reason for including this in the supplement is its prowess at activating lipase. In return, this enhances the rate of fat breakdown, therefore enabling you to lose weight.

How to use HCG 1234

The secret is in using this supplement just right. You have to take 10 drops, which are about 0.5ml at least 30 minutes before you have to eat.

Using the provided syringe, place the liquid under the tongue and hold it there for some time before swallowing. It is important that you don’t eat or drink 10 minutes before and after taking the drops. Take 0.5ml of this drop three times a day.

Affordable priceYou have to be very disciplined to get results
Can be used by people taking 1200 to 1500 calories a dayHas minimal side effects such as dizziness, mild headaches, constipation or fatigue
Simple to follow instructions 
Informative resources on their website 
Burns fat and boosts your metabolic rate 

Where to buy it

Buy on Amazon and you can buy it on the online marketplaces in the USA. It comes in a pack of 1, 60ml bottle will cost you $19.98. If you like, you can order 2, 3 or even 4 bottle packs at lower prices per bottle.

You may even lock your price. For example, you can subscribe for the 1-month regimen, use it for sometime and when you need to stop, just do so. At resumption of usage, you will continue paying the same price that you did before stopping.

Wrapping Up

Buying the best HCG drops is the easy part. The hard part is sticking to the diet regimen. The recommended HCG diet is 500 calories only. However, because it can be a bit hard for your body to adjust to such a huge deficit, some products such as HCG 1234 support a 1200 to 1500 calorie diet.

Just choose a product that you feel can work for you. You can also expect minimal side effects such as mild dizziness, headaches, fatigue and even constipation. These differ from case to case, so they should not worry you too much.