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ageless male review

Ageless Male is one of the popular testosterone supplements made specifically to boost testosterone levels. Ageless Male just as many other supplements have their facts and fallacies on its use. This review gives a fact-based and in-depth review of all you need to take note of before you make your decision to purchase the product.


Testosterone has been proven to be the significant male hormone that controls the libido of an individual. It also controls energy levels, muscle mass, and fat distribution in the body.

Men have weaker erections or sometimes no erection at all when the testosterone levels are low. These low levels also cause fatigue, low sex drive, poor concentration, and insomnia or distressed sleep patterns.

Testosterone levels in men over the age of 40 are lower compared to that of men in their 20’s., basically this decreases with age naturally. This decrease affects the confidence of men and makes them feel bad about their emotional and physical wellbeing. We are aware of this situation and have brought to you a review on the Ageless Male enhancement supplement which claims to reconstruct men’s libido and sex drive by restoring their testosterone levels.

In this review, we would consider the formula and ingredient of the Ageless Male testosterone booster to ascertain what the users can expect from its usage.

What is Ageless Male?

ageless male review

Ageless Male is a supplement produced by a US-based company known as New Vitality. Ageless Male is a testosterone booster that claims to support men to regain stamina in their build-up (giving old men a youthful feel) and sexual energy in their sex life. The ingredients of Ageless Male are comprised of popular natural ingredients that have been proven to enhance sex hormones as used in other supplements and also used to increase or boost libido and aids a man’s sexual health.

How does Ageless Male Work?

Ageless Male works through a combination of various ingredients that have been proven to increase male testosterone levels. The ingredients are all put together in one capsule, once used the various ingredient begin work on the various male hormones that have been made readily available by the mechanisms in the body.

While this is said to work in theory, different conditions might deter the efficacy of the product which might result from the product itself or the user of the product. Most testosterone booster supplement out there requires a prescription, and most prescription pills will cause some unwanted side effects due to varying conditions.

Ageless Male is considered to be a natural supplement with natural ingredients that have been acknowledged to fuel the production of testosterone when consumed. Testofen, magnesium, and zinc are the primary ingredient that works together to affect the availability of free testosterone in the body. This alone increases energy level and drive which helps older men have a more youthful feeling.

The manufacturer recommends 2 pills to be taken at any time of the day. A bottle of Ageless Male would last for only a month if 2 pills are used per day and should be long enough to detect noticeable improvement.


Ageless Male supplements come with numerous benefits. Some of which are highlighted below.

Made from natural ingredients: This is very essential as it means that the supplement is safe to use and would not harm the human body. Unlike steroids and other banned substances, the supplement is 100% natural which is quite commendable.

Boost testosterone in the body: the ingredients used are well-known testosterone boosters. Their combination helps a lot in improving your T-levels and giving you the physical as well as psychological boost needed.

Boosts libido and sexual health: Ageless Male contains ingredients capable of boosting your libido and sexual experience. This is very important as your sexual wellbeing is an important factor in your overall health.

Increases muscle mass: when combined with regular workout, the supplement would help you significantly build your muscles and improve your physique and confidence. This is very important for everyone who wants to build a good physique.

Increases strength and stamina: the supplement helps to increase your strength and stamina. Subsequently, you get to stay longer at the gym and subsequently improving your physique and health.

Improves sleep and boosts energy levels: Ageless Male also contains ingredients that relieve you from stress and fatigue, therefore, causing a significant boost in your energy levels. It improves your quality of sleep and makes you not only healthy but feel healthy.

ageless male order


With fully natural ingredients, Ageless Male does not seem to have any side effects. It does not have steroids or any other form of banned substances. Although some negative reviews have been seen on the internet, this may be due to several reasons ranging from as simple as age limit to the wrong dosage. That is why you must follow the recommended dose. Also, it could be a result of medical conditions or allergies to certain ingredients. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you see your physician before you begin the usage.


The ingredients used by Ageless Male are proven and safe ingredients that help to boost your testosterone levels. The ingredients are purely natural and each has significant functions they perform in the body.

Fenugreek seed extract (as Testofen):

Fenugreek has been long used traditionally for several purposes which include improving sexual dysfunction in men. Testofen is gotten from it and it is said to contain about 50% fenuside. Modern research has however validated its use as it has shown to boost testosterone in levels in men.

Vitamin B6:

This ingredient enhances blood flow in vessels which helps to improve testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction. It inhibits prolactin which is a hormone that lowers sex drive, thus boosting your libido. It also helps to reduce estrogen and by so doing boosts the production of testosterone in the body. Vitamin B6 regulates blood circulation in the body and by so doing minimizing clogged arteries. This benefits drive towards not only a healthy T level and sexual health but has a great impact on your mood and general wellbeing.

Magnesium (16mg):

Magnesium is usually found in many foods and supplements as it is very important to the wellbeing of the body. It is beneficial in several ways including helping to maintain endurance and reducing tiredness and fatigue. It also contributes to cardiovascular and bone health and aids energy-yielding metabolism among others. Importantly, Magnesium helps to increase the overall level of testosterone in the body. Its benefit is far-reaching and aptly, It helps men to build stronger muscles and stay energized during the day and it helps them to also get better sleep at night.

Zinc (15mg):

zinc helps the development of the body in several ways including boosting testosterone, increasing energy levels, aiding prostate health in men, and overall sexual health et cetera.

Zinc-rich supplements are highly recommended for people who are zinc-deficient as it is an important mineral needed in your diet. Also, this is crucial as the body does not store up zinc. Most men lose up to 5mg of zinc per ejaculation, thus constantly needing zinc in their bodies.

Although low testosterone levels have been directly associated with ze=inc-deficiency, research has also shown that Zinc cannot boost T levels on its own except it is combined with Vitamin B6. Ageless Male combines zinc with Vitamin B6 to improve sex hormone in men. Zinc is also known to support DNA production and cell repair. It is also used to increase and maintain brain hormone levels. Side effects to the use of these ingredients are very rare and mile as they relate only to digestion.

Other Ingredients include Calcium carbonate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Stearic acid, Croscarmellose sodium, Magnesium stearate, silica, Hypromellose & polyethylene glycol (used for coating). All these are although not active ingredients but very essential in working with the major ingredients to optimize testosterone in the body. These ingredients are all purely natural and cannot be harmful to the body if used in normal quantities as used in Ageless Male.


It is important to note that only personal use of the supplement can help to determine whether or not it is the best for you. As we have noted earlier, several things including medical condition and allergies could define whether or not the product is off-limits for you. That is why it is best recommended to see your physician or doctor, even if you do not have medical conditions, to be fully on the safe side as regards the use of the product.

It is also important to work out as you use the supplement. For the bodybuilders, it would not naturally grow your muscles but only serves as a diet and chemical supplement. You would need to put in significant efforts to increase muscle mass and to maximize the benefits of the supplement. We believe that this overall review has helped you to gain clarity on your decision as regards the purchase of the Ageless Male.