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The four thematic areas described in the SWEF Research Approach will be examined through a combination of research methodologies:

  • Short-term monitoring of systemwide effects will allow researchers to provide initial findings in a timely manner to in-country policymakers and decision makers. Short-term monitoring will draw upon a variety of data sources including document review, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, facility surveys at sentinel sites, and routine information systems.
  • The longer-term evaluation will complement the shorter term monitoring by providing more reliable, statistically significant and nationally representative findings. The centerpiece of the longer-term evaluation will be a nationally representative facility survey (based upon the Service Provision Assessment tool developed by MEASURE DHS) that will collect information about staffing, service availability, medicines etc. Other surveys, such as human resource surveys, and policy process surveys may be added by study countries.
  • Special studies may be pursued in a sub-set of countries to examine, for example, quality of care, health worker allocation of time, health worker motivation, and financial studies of additionality.

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