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Report Title
The Nepal National Vitamin A Program: A Program Review and Cost Analysis
John Fiedler
May 1997

Expanded Program on Immunization in Bangladesh: Cost, Cost-Effectiveness, and Financing Estimates
Mahmud Khan and Richard Yoder
September 1998

Review of Financing of Immunization Programs in Developing and Transitional Countries
Denise DeRoeck and Ann Levin
December 1998

Case Study on the Costs and Financing of Immunization Services in Morocco
Available in French:
Étude de cas sur les coûts et le financement des activités de vaccination au Maroc
Miloud Kaddar, Sangeeta Mookherhi, Denise DeRoeck, and Denise Antona
September 1999

Case Study on the Costs and Financing of Immunization Services in Bangladesh
Ann Levin, Sushil Howladr, Sujata Ram, Syed Mizan Siddiqui, Izaz Razul, and Subrata Routh
December 1999

Immunization Financing Resources
Miloud Kaddar, Jo Dickinson, and Mona Khan
March 2000

Financing Assessment Tool for Immunization Services
Available in French:
Guide d'orientation pour l’évaluation au niveau national: Outil de financement des services des vaccinations
Available in Spanish:
Directrices para la evaluación a nivel de país: Herramienta para la evaluación del financiamiento de los servicios de inmunización
Miloud Kaddar, Marty Makinen, and Mona Khan
April 2000

Case Study on the Costs and Financing of Immunization Services in Côte d'Ivoire
Miloud Kaddar, Vito Tanzi, and Leanne Dougherty
May 2000

Costs and Financing of Immunization Programs: Findings of Four Case Studies
Available in French:
Coûts et financement des programmes d'immunisation: Conclusions de quatre études de cas
Available in Spanish:
Costos y financiamiento de los programas de inmunización: Resultados de cuatro estudios de casos
Miloud Kaddar, Ann Levin, Leanne Dougherty, and Daniel Maceira
May 2000

The Impact of the Polio Eradication Campaign on the Financing of Routine EPI: Finding of Three Case Studies
Ann Levin, Sujata Ram, and Miloud Kaddar
March 2000

The Cost-effectiveness of Mixes of Operational Approaches to Polio Eradication: Findings of Two Case Studies
Ann Levin, Sujata Ram, Ahmet Afsar, Vito Tanzi, Leanne Dougherty, and Miloud Kaddar
October 2000

Impact of the Polio Eradication Initiative on Donor Contributions to Routine Immunization
Ann Levin, Joanne Jorissen, Jennifer Linkins, and Caroline McArthur
March 2001

Immunization Financing and Sustainability: A review of the Literature
Peyvand Khaleghian
June 2001

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